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Battlefields Tour 18-21st March 2006

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And Finally, Dave the Driver

Dear staff & pupils

I arrived home last night after our trip to the WW1 battlefields, tired like most of you, my mind reflecting on the last four days, I felt it an honour being able to drive you around and take in something I am also interested in, the battlefields is a tour I have always wanted to do but never had the chance.

I also have to thankyou all,the teachers for their support and help in getting me around this new territory, but most of all the pupils themselves, their behaviour on the coach was perfect and they were always polite, but I must admit after leaving the school I had a tear or two in my eyes, of all the trips I have driven, never have I been presented with a bottle of fine whisky and card to say thank you, I felt extremely touched, thankyou, you never know, maybe we shall get another chance to travel together who knows.

Thankyou All from myself and B & D Travel

Dave (the driver)

We received this lovely letter a couple of days after our return (which was posted in the staff room for all to see and read out in the pupil bulletin). We have been on a few trips abroad ourselves and Dave was by far the best driver we have had. Always friendly and very helpful, no detour was too much trouble (and there were many of those). An excellent sense of humour even though he is from Manchester, and he laughed at all of our jokes for which he received no extra payment. The present from the pupils was entirely prompted by themselves, reflecting how well they got on with him too. Anyone going on a school trip and need a driver - Dave is your man! Highly recommended!

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