Whitby High School

Battlefields Tour 22-25th March 2013

Le Chateau du Broutel, Rue, Northern France

On Friday 22nd March 5pm, we arrived at Le Chateau du Broutel, near Rue in Northern France, which was ideally placed to tour the nearby former Western Front area. Le Château du Broutel dates back to 1714 and is situated in over 40 acres of beautiful grounds. In addition to the main Château building the estate also comprises a number of outbuildings where our group were to stay. Le Château du Broutel is situated on the edge of the small historical town of Rue. Originally established as a Roman outpost, it grew in prosperity in the 6th Century due to its port and later became the capital of the region.

Everyone soon settled in and after a tour of the buildings and grounds we headed for the dining room.


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