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Private Frank Pearson

17902, 11th Bn., Cheshire Regiment
Died 04 September 1916 aged 39

Frank Pearson was born in about 1877. His parents were Luke and Mary Pearson. Frank worked at Burnellís in Ellesmere Port as a furnace man for over 10 years. Frank married Annie Louisa Pearson and they lived with their 6 children in their family home in 63 Crescent Road in Ellesmere Port.

Frank joined the Cheshire Regiment 2 years before his death he was out in France for about 12 months however during that time he was slightly wounded. In the August he was admitted to hospital for shell shock.

He joined the Cheshire colours in 1914 and was out in France for about 12 months, during that time he was slightly wounded. In August he was admitted to hospital suffering from shell shock. It seems he was given little time for recovery as he was soon returned to the trenches, surviving only a week before being killed in action in the Somme advance.

Company Q.M.S. Yates sent the following letter to his grieving widow;.

‘.. it is with the deepest sympathy that I write to inform you that your husband was killed on the 2nd September, he suffered no pain, being killed instantaneously, your husband was very popular with the company having held the post of company barber for eighteen months. He was a good soldier and always willing to do others a good turn. On behalf of the Officers and his comrades, I tender our heartfelt sympathy to you in your sad bereavement. You will no doubt find a little comfort in knowing that your husband died fighting for his King and Country.’

Frank Pearson was buried in the Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel. This cemetery lies in the heart of the Ancre valley below the former Somme battlefields. He died at the age of 39 years old, leaving Annie Louisa Pearson widowed with 6 children.

We are unsure on which date Frank Pearson died because in the letter it says the 2nd September but on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database it says the 4th September.

CWGC RECORD for Frank Pearson

Ancre Valley Cemetery


Crescent Road is highlighted - adjacent to where Frank Pearson worked


  Neil Hawker (Year 9 2007)


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