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Lance Corporal Percy Alan Sutton

2113, 1st/4th Battalion Cheshire Regiment
Died 15 August 1915

Lance Corporal Percy Alan Sutton Percy Sutton married his wife Ada Layfield in 1910 at Christchurch, Ellesmere Port they had two children. Before the war he had served in the National Reserve and his brother Mr Alan Sutton was the Manager of the Imperial Flour Mills, Ellesmere Port. Lance Corporal Percy Alan Sutton served with the Cheshire Regiment in the 1st/4th Battalion and took part in the Gallipoli campaign where he was killed in 1915.

The First Sea Lord, Winston Churchill was in charge of the Gallipoli Campaign, Turkey. Three forces landed to force their way through the Dardanelles Straits in support of the Navy and to allows supplies to be delivered to the Russians via the Black Sea. These were ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps), French and British forces. The Turkish troops held the initial troop landings on the beaches around the Helles and ANZAC Cove on 25th-26th April 1915.

The Sulva Offensive was planned to try to break this deadlock which had lasted for several months. More troops landed on the 6th August at Sulva Bay but were also kept pinned down on the beaches due to incompetence of orders from commanders in charge. On the 9th August Lance Corporal Sutton and his regiment, the 53rd Division, landed at Sulva Bay. Unfortunately this did not make a difference and they were also held up.

On the 15th August 1918, 6 days after he landed at Sulva Bay, Lance Corporal Percy Alan Sutton died. On the same day the commanders of the divisions at Sulva Bay were replaced, Major-General John Lindley, commander of 53rd Division voluntarily resigned.

CWGC RECORD for Lance Corporal Percy Alan Sutton

Gallipoli Campaign

West Beach, Helles, Gallipoli




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