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Stoker 1st Class Thomas Stephen Thorne

k/37442 Royal Navy H.M.S Valkyrie
Died 22 December 1917 Age 23

Thomas Stephen Thorne was killed in action during World War 1 at the young age of 23. Thomas lived in number 16 Holly Road in Ellesmere Port. He served in the Royal Navy as a stoker 1st class on the H.M.S “Valkyrie”.

Thomas Stephen Thorne was the son of George Henry Thorne and Mary Ann Thorne. He lived at home with his family at 16 Holly Road, Ellesmere Port. His private service number was
k/37442 and he served in the Royal Navy. Thomas Henry was killed in action and was brought back to Britain to be buried. He was buried in the Overpool Cemetery in Ellesmere Port. His grave reference is J.1.

Thomas Henry Thorne was buried with his mother and father. Mary Ann Thorne died on January 27th in 1938 aged 72 years. His father (George Henry Thorne) passed away on August 18th in 1914 aged 72 years. The family all share the plot in the Overpool cemetery and it states on their gravestone that the family are “re-united”.

H.M.S Valkyrie was a destroyer launched on 13 March 1917. According to V. Class Flotilla Leader destroyers consisted of HMS Vampire, (ex Wallace,) HMS Valentine (ex HMS Bruce) HMS Valhalla (ex Douglas) HMS Valorous (ex Montrose) and HMS Valkyrie (ex Malcolm). These ships were designed to do 34 knots and would outstrip any existing Flotilla Leaders. This class were costing £200,000 each which compared favorably to similar designed which were a good £50,000 dearer. The first ships ordered were form Denny Brothers in April 1916 followed by the other three in July. These flotilla leaders had better armament than their predecessors and better accommodation. Displacement: 1188 tons normal, and 1400 tons deep load, Speed: 34 Knots Compliment: 115 Armament: Four 4-inch Guns two 2 pdr pompoms and Four 21-inch Torpedo Tubes.

It is not yet known how Thomas Thorne met his death.

H.M.S Valkyrie

Overpool Cemetery

CWGC RECORD - Stoker Thomas Thorne


Thomas in Ellesmere Port

Holly Road is highlighted in red


  Holly Sutton (Year 9 2007)


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