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John Speed (1542-1629 Cartographer)

John Speed (1542-1629) the famous Stuart period cartographer whose maps of English counties are often found framed in homes throughout the UK was born in Farndon.

Edward the Elder (c.874-877 17 July 924 - King of England - died here)

Edward the Elder (c.874-877 17 July 924) was King of England from 899 until 924). He was the son of Alfred the Great and Alfred's wife, Ealhswith, and became King of Wessex upon his father's death in 899. He died leading an army against a Cambro-Mercian rebellion, on 17 July 924 at Farndon and was buried in the New Minster in Winchester.

Village Residents: Directories (lists of residents/trades)

Bagshaw's Directory list 1850

Morris' Directory list 1874 (part 1)

Morris' Directory list 1874 (part 2)

Kelly's Directory list 1892

Kelly's Directory list 1914

Kelly's Directory list 1939



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