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In 1914, the village of Churton was a smaller and more cohesive community than is the case today. In those days, the village had its own football team and managed to support two public houses.  Many of the men were employed in the farming.

Churton has historically been divided into two ecclesiastical parishes namely, Churton by Farndon and Churton by Aldford.  As a consequence, men who died in World War I, and who were residents of Churton, were not officially commemorated within their immediate locality. Consequently, some of the men were recorded on the Aldford Memorial or the Farndon Memorial. Research showed that there were at least seven Churton men who died in World War One.  These seven men would undoubtedly have known one another, especially as it is known that they all lived within a hundred metres of each other.

The Centenary of the Great War focused local minds on working towards the erection of an appropriate war memorial in Churton and to remember the local men fallen in both wars.

In advance of the memorial being installed, Mike Royden researched and wrote the biographies of each of the men which appreared in a separate chapter on Churton in 'Village at War; the Cheshire Village of Farndon During the First World War' (available through this website - see homepage).

The campaign was a success and a new memorial was unveiled by the Duke of Westminster in June 2018.

War Memorial unveiling - news report

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