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The village of Churton was in 1914, a smaller and more cohesive community than is the case today. In those days, the village had its own football team and managed to support two public houses.  Many of the men were employed in the farming.

Churton has historically been divided into two ecclesiastical parishes namely, Churton by Farndon and Churton by Aldford.  As a consequence, men who died in World War and who were residents of Churton are not officially commemorated within their immediate locality. Research recently undertaken, shows that there were at least, seven Churton men who died in World War One. None of whom are buried in Britain and their sacrifice is not publically recorded within their native village.  Due to the village being more compact in area, these seven men would undoubtedly have known one another. Records show that they all lived within a hundred meters of each other.

The Centenary of the Great War is a topic which gives us cause for considerable reflection.  Some local Churton residents are currently working towards the objective of establishing an appropriate war memorial in Churton. This memorial will commemorate Churton men who died in World War One and World War Two.

Research is on-going in determining the identities of those men whose names deserve to be inscribed on the proposed memorial.  Local knowledge is an invaluable asset in helping our research work. Should you be aware of the identity of any man who lived in Churton and who died in WW1 and WW2, it would be very much appreciated if you could contact the Churton War Memorial Committee.  Contact details are given below.

John Gallagher

(01829) 270617

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