Sketchy exhibition - Hereford Skatepark

This second part to my Sketchy project was focused entirely around Hereford Skatepark - the most recent phase of development at the park saw a shop and viewing gallery installed to further enhance the already fantastic service that the volunteers provide. I was invited to put up some images in the gallery so it made sense to use shots that were taken at the park over the last few years, and continue the Sketchy project by teaming up with three Hereford artists- Will Berry, Kidmilk, and Harry McKenzie.
All are a part of art collective Generic Greeting, who were established in Hereford around 4 years ago, and have developed into a thriving network of creative young talents spreading themselves up and down the country creating selling and exhibiting their work on a regular basis. They have also grown up skating the park and consider a big influence on their lives.

10 unique images will be on show in the cabin throughout May, before they'll be displayed online (see 'Collaboration' gallery)

(Top)Mike Gribben, illustrated by Harry McKenzie
(L) Tom Mallon, illustrated by Will Berry
(R) Jake Collins, illustrated by Kidmilk