Liam Royden

Liam Royden sings and plays guitar in the Liverpool band Tiro Lark.

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are L-R: Harry Parr (Bass Guitar), Liam Royden (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Joe Smith (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Ollie Ashdown (Drums, Percussion)

Steve Gerrard, great fan of Tiro Lark, hanging out at the Kazimier Club in Liverpool after a storming set in front of a 400 strong crowd. Spot the Everton fan.

Liam Royden of Tiro Lark at the X & Y Festival in the 'Bombed Out Church' (St.Lukes), Liverpool

Peter Guy in the Liverpool Echo reviewing the X & Y Festival wrote;
Following such a foot-stomping riot might seem like a tough call, but next up were our standout of the day - newcomers Tiro Lark. At first glance, the teenagers may not look remotely imposing, yet once lead singer Liam Royden opens his mouth they commandeer all the attention. Hearing such a huge, raspy voice emanate from this lanky kid, underpinned by sweeping rhythms and curious lyrics leaves quite an impression. On acoustics such as 'I Don't Know You', Royden's vocals really come to the fore, however, the standout track was belter 'Stand in My Way'. Then cheekily altering the words to surf-esque 'Light Pockets', Tiro Lark profess 'Whenever I'm feeling blue I come down to the Bombed Out Church and play to all of you and my worries just go away'. Well so did ours boys, so did ours.
(Spotted in the crowd enjoying the Tiro Lark set was Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds and 'Three Lions' fame)

Liam Royden - Lead Singer, Guitarist and songwriter of Tiro Lark

Hanging out backstage with Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland at their December 2011 gig in Glasgow. Brilliant night!

Photo call with Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish just before playing a set at the after show party for the 2011 Brit-flick 'Will'.

Another storming set, this time at the Zanzibar Club, Liverpool,
28 December 2011

Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, 28 December 2011

Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, 28 December 2011

Live at the 3345 Lounge Bar (upstairs at Parr Street Studios). (Owned by Liverpool singer Thomas Lang - thats Thomas at the bar in the blue t-shirt) - three encores - great venue!

Live at Shaka Zulu in Camden, London, August 2011 (the clubs' 1st Birthday Party bash) hosted by Patrick Alan (The Drifters)
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