Peter Guy in the Liverpool Echo reviewing the X & Y Festival wrote;
Following such a foot-stomping riot might seem like a tough call, but next up were our standout of the day - newcomers Tiro Lark. At first glance, the teenagers may not look remotely imposing, yet once lead singer Liam Royden opens his mouth they commandeer all the attention. Hearing such a huge, raspy voice emanate from this lanky kid, underpinned by sweeping rhythms and curious lyrics leaves quite an impression. On acoustics such as 'I Don't Know You', Royden's vocals really come to the fore, however, the standout track was belter 'Stand in My Way'. Then cheekily altering the words to surf-esque 'Light Pockets', Tiro Lark profess 'Whenever I'm feeling blue I come down to the Bombed Out Church and play to all of you and my worries just go away'. Well so did ours boys, so did ours.

Kim Amberg, from Switzerland blogged;
I also went to the X&Y festival that took place this weekend. I actually just went there to see Hudson Taylor who I've been watching in YouTube. However, the concert ended up to be in the Bombed Out Church which is really close to where I lived. So I went there earlier than planned which turned out to be a great thing. There was a delay and that's why I saw the show of a local band called Tiro Lark. Let me put it like this: They're amazing! Their songs are really good and the singer's voice is raspy and husky. I wish they had an EP I could buy but until then I will just continue to listen to their songs here Please go and check them out! This band just made my day.

The Hummingbirds said (interviewed by 'The Anfield Wrap');
TAW: So are there any other bands in Liverpool you think people need to be listening to?
JD: Tiro Lark.
MK: I saw them and text the lads saying get on them. They are only young, like 16 or 17, but the songs are boss. They played the Kazamier with us for the Resurrection Festival and they sold 350 tickets, and it was literally their third gig. If I was in a band like that when I was 16/17 I would have been made up.
(Thanks Lads!)

Tiro Lark at the X & Y Festival in the 'Bombed Out Church' (St.Lukes), Liverpool

Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, 28 December 2011

Live at the 3345 Lounge Bar (upstairs at Parr Street Studios)
16 December 2011

Live at Shaka Zulu in Camden, London, August 2011

Live at Shaka Zulu in Camden, London, August 2011

After show party for the 2011 Brit-flick 'Will'.