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Remembrance 2019 - The Everton Fallen
(from Everton v Spurs matchday programme 3 November 2019)
Everton v Liverpool: The First Derby Match
(from Everton v Liverpool matchday programme 7 April 2018)
Goodison Under Attack! 18 September 1940
(from Everton v Leicester City matchday programme 31 Jan 2018)
Bramley-Moore Dock - A brief history
(from Everton v WBA matchday programme 20 January 2018)
Any Chance of a Trial Mr Kelly?
Charlie Lewis had a dream

Other Articles

hall of fame 99 Kissing the Badge - The Name Everton
Peter Jones

An excellent article on ToffeeWeb by Pete Jones, brilliant research, brilliantly written. Thorough research as usual from Pete, a former member of EFC Heritage Society, and one of the best Everton historians around.
hall of fame 99 Kissing the Badge 2 - A Little Latin
Peter Jones

The second part of Pete Jones' article on ToffeeWeb, and what a learned piece it is. Latin and its usage in the world of football, the Everton badge and so much more. Excellentia.
hall of fame 99 The Nursery
Peter Jones

Not only is Pete most knowledgable about the history of Everton FC, but he is also a expert on the history of the First World War, and I have benefitted from his help and advice many times in the past. This is a superb article, again on ToffeeWeb. Pete says, 'In a region of France known as the Forgotten Front lies an area dubbed “the Nursery Sector”, where new formations arriving on the Western front in WWI were often given their first front line experience. One was the 2/10th (Scottish) Battalion of the King’s Liverpool which included Corporal Wilfred Toman, formerly of Everton FC who was killed there on 2nd May 1917.'
A fascinating article, expertly researched and written.


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From the Archives...

Lewis and the night of his life
hall of fame 99 Everton Hall of Fame Night 2001
hall of fame 99 Everton Hall of Fame Night 2000
hall of fame 99 Everton Hall of Fame Night 1999
The FA Cup Final 1995
The 1980s - a few photos of when we was fab.

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