Everton FC Heritage Society
Founder and Life President:
Dr David France OBE

Neville Southall

[Please note - this is not the official page of the society, but just an insight into some of the work carried out, and on the membership. For the official site see right. ]

The Everton FC Heritage Society is a voluntary group researching and chronicling the rich history of Everton Football Club. The Society was founded by Dr David France in 2008 to promote and preserve the heritage of our great club. Since then, EFCHS has grown and comprises of those with expertise in the world of football journalism, publishing, authorship, memorablia, statistics, archive research, web design and management, graphic design, and much more.
Basically, the aims of the society are:

  • To be the first point of reference for all enquiries from the Club and the general public about Everton’s history
  • To actively promote knowledge of the Club’s history
  • To promote and support The Everton Collection

The Official Everton FC Heritage Society website

St Luke's Church (upstairs), Goodison Road, Matchdays

Make sure you pay a visit to see the Everton FC Heritage Society exhibitions and stalls upstairs in St Luke's on matchdays. There you will find an Alladin's cave of Everton related memorabilia, books, shirts, posters, badges, programmes, artefacts, the wonderful creations of ToffeeArt and much, much more. Former players are often present signing books or promoting causes such as Health Through Sport. An essential part of your matchday experience. (photos: Rob Sawyer)

Dr David France OBE – Founder and Life President of Everton FC Heritage Society (left), pictured in St Luke's at the unveiling of the Holy Trinity Statue, with society members Ken Rogers, Mike Royden and Richie Gillham (photo: Rob Sawyer)


Our monthly meetings have taken place in a number of locations centred at Goodison, such as the Captain's Table and even the Sky TV box. However we are fortunate now to meet in the inner sanctum - the EFC Director's Boardroom in the Royal Liver Building. Something we never get tired of!

Furthermore, some of the corridors are adorned with memorabilia provided by Brendan Connolly (the Chairman of the Society) from his amazing collection. You can also meet Brendan on matchdays in St Luke's where he has his stall with fascinating displays and collectors items for sale.


10th Anniversary
Dixie Dean Medal
For the Fallen
Finch Farm
Everton Graves
Adrian Heath Medal
Dixie Dean Plaque
Liver Building
Tony Wainwright
of EFCHS awarded
the British Empire Medal
Kit Aid
Gor Mahia Friendly
Harry Catterick 100 Celebration


Research and articles by members of EFCHS is prolific and covers a broad sweep of Everton's history and heritage. Articles are regularly uploaded to the official society website, and contributions are frequently made to ToffeeWeb. The Everton FC matchday programme also has a page dedicated to society research with topical articles for every game.

Books by Members

[Note: these works have not been produced by the society, but by those who are past or present members, just to give an insight into the incredible store of knowledge and expertise that the Society can draw upon. In fact, this is just a selection, as some of the authors are quite prolific. David France has produced 18 books alone. The combined total from our authors is over 50 Everton related books - and more in the pipeline!]

Gavin Buckland
Gavin Buckland
James Corbett
James Corbett
James Corbett
David France
David France
David France
& Becky Tallentire
David France
Simon Hart
Steve Johnson
Peter Lupson
Tony Onslow
George Orr
George Orr
George Orr
David Prentice and David France
David Prentice and David France
Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers
John Rowlands
John Rowlands
Rob Sawyer
Rob Sawyer
& David France
Rob Sawyer
Steve Zocek
Steve Zocek


The imagery of Everton would be a lot more boring without the work of ToffeeArt's Tom Regan. His output consists of book design, leaflets (including the Remembrance booklet), posters, banners, and a host of Everton styled artefacts and gifts, Tom's creativity knows no bounds. Visit his website for much more, or meet him in person at his stall, upstairs at St Luke's on Matchdays.

ToffeeArt in action (photo: ToffeeArt)

Toffee Pages

Statto Genius

Steve Johnson is Everton Statto extraordinaire, author of the acclaimed ‘Everton: The Complete Record' and webmaster of Everton Results. Steve’s site provides a comprehensive record of the results of all competitive games played by Everton since their formation, together with details of player appearances and goals. An incredible resource, and much more besides.   

Art and History - Jamie Yates

Looks like fellow member Jamie Yates is soon going to give ToffeeArt a run for his money.

Not just a great artist, but an accomplished researcher too - here's Jamie's latest article on Toffeeweb
'Architect of His Own Success: Samuel Bolton Ashworth'

Film Archives

Film archivist Crawford Miles has amassed an amazing collection of Everton related moving images, from short clips of goals to full gaames, many of which are extremely rare. His film edits are regularly to be seen in St Lukes on matchdays and he is often asked to provide montages for Everton related functions (such as the Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame night 2017, pictured right). Another valuable member of the society!

Grave Restorations and Rededications

Another feature of the Society’s work is to conduct grave rededications and restorations for notable former players and club officials, such as Alex ‘Sandy’ Young, Will Cuff, George Harrison, Jeremiah Kelly and Alec Brady. Another is Andrew Hannah, captain of our first League Championship-winning team of 1891, as well the grave of Charlie Parry of that same side pictured here.

The Ruleteros Society

The Ruleteros Society is also represented at St Luke’s.
Their aim is to encourage the development of links between
supporters of our Everton club and the Everton club in Chile.

Kit Aid

The Everton FC Heritage Society has continued to support KitAid, which was initiated and driven by secretary, Richie Gillham. This has seen thousands of pieces of kit donated by supporters at St Luke’s and delivered to deserving cases in Africa.

Web Design/Mastering

Another of our members is Lyndon Lloyd, webmaster extraordinaire, administrator for both the Society website (maintained by Richie Gillham) and ToffeeWeb


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