Blitz Cities

Filming with presenter Ricky Tomlinson - looking at the May Blitz 1941 and the Malakand explosion in the Huskisson Dock. Full programme on YouTube.

The Blitz: Britain on Fire

Three, 1 hour programmes shown on Channel 5 in 2019 about the May Blitz in Liverpool, studying particular individuals and events. Available on My5 catch up.

Edwardian England

Filming on the famous Mersey ferry for the Edwardian England TV Series.

TV Towns

Mike Royden with presenter Stuart MaConie discussing the Hitler's of Liverpool on TV Towns.

BNN Holland

Discussing the Hitler's of Liverpool for an investigative documentary on Dutch TV.

Heir Hunters

Discussing one of the 'heirs' under investigation featured in the TV series.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Mike Royden with choirmaster Gareth Malone, whose ancestor had a theatre in Liverpool.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Mike Royden filming in the Athenaeum with guest Kim Cattrall and production team.

Mike Meets the Queen

Mike Royden with the Queen at the Royal School for the Blind, Liverpool, talking about its history and archive records.

Premier League

Interview at Goodison Park about the history of the Stadium and the Derby Match, just prior to the fixture.

Radio - Making History

The story of the exploding munitions train in railway siding near suburban housing during the May Blitz.


Various radio appearances over the last few years, including BBC Radio 4, Radio Merseyside and Radio City.
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