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Laura Davis is the Deputy Features Editor on the Liverpool Echo and has a long-standing interest in local history. From March 2009 until December 2013, when the Liverpool Post sadly closed, she held the position of Arts Editor, writing and editing the 24-page supplement Post Culture, as well as running an arts blog and creating online content. Laura also looks after the Going Out pages in the Liverpool edition of Metro and writes a weekly books page for the Liverpool Echo.

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Liverpool history, online sources and history on the web by Martin Greaney. Martin is a Landscape Historian/Archaeologist (my original specialism) and this excellent blog is part of his excellent Historic Liverpool mapping website

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Liverpool homeopathic building saved

English Heritage have listed the former Liverpool Hahnemann Hospital and Dispensary on Hope Street, Liverpool, as a building of national significance. This is in response to a campaign by local people and the Victorian Society, who fought plans to extend and demolish part of the Victorian homeopathic hospital which was built by F&G Holmes with money from Henry Tate, the Liverpool sugar magnate.

Recognising the importance of the 1886 Queen Anne Revival building, which is notable for its early hydraulic lift and innovative heating and ventilation system, English Heritage listed the building as Grade II. Now campaigners hope the decision will be enough to convince Liverpool City Council to ask the owners to rethink their conversion scheme.

Alex Baldwin, the Society’s Conservation Adviser, says ‘This is excellent news. The Hahnemann building is an attractive example of an homeopathic hospital built according to Victorian principles of hospital design. It is clearly very popular locally and has a lot to contribute to Liverpool’s historic character’. The Victorian Society thinks the former hospital could be turned into a hotel.

The Victorian Society, 1 Priory Gardens, London W4 1TT, tel: 020 8994 1019, www.victoriansociety.org.uk.

(I have to confess a vested interest here as my mother, Hazel Royden, was a nurse here for 25 years - Mike Royden)

HistoryWorld's 'Places in History'

Bamber Gascoigne's HistoryWorld website is piloting a project to link historical detail to specific sites on Google Maps via HistoryWorld. He has written an article on the BALH website inviting historians to become involved. Individuals or Local History Societies are invited to take part. See the article on the BALH site or click left for the HistoryWorld site and sample Google image.


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