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A Family at War

The Effects of the First World War on the family of John and Elizabeth Royden of Liverpool(1872-1920)

The First World War had a devastating effect on the family of John and Elizabeth Royden, and for those at home their lives would never be the same again. Three fathers lost their lives and twelve children would no longer see their parent walk through the door of the family home again.This new biography covers the family in their original home, close to the bustling port of ninteenth century Liverpool, before looking at each of the children in turn to see how their lives were changed by the First World war. There are surprises when a link to cousins in New York is finally confirmed, plus the discovery of cousins whose link was previously unknown - all descended from John and Elizabeth - who were all able to add to this fascinating and sad story.

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John and Elizabeth Royden Family Tree

This is a brief tree to accompany the above family biography and contains a more comprehensive tree of John and Elizabeth's descendants rather than the brief relationship page contained in the biography. If you are descended from John and Elizabeth, you should be recorded on this tree - if you are missing, or want to add information, please get in touch!

Please bear in mind also that this is only a brief section of what has been researched. This line goes back to Alexander Royden of Chester (mid 1600s), plus additional trees going back much earlier. Alexander's tree is on this site under Royden Trees (although the most recent generation may be missing. In most cases I do have a record on file, but again, please get in touch if you feel there is information to add on).

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