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Typhoo Tea Collectable Photos

Collecting stuff in the 1960s was usually down to programmes, football cards or Subbuteo teams - then Typhoo Tea introduced their photos of football stars series, and we mithered our mothers to start bulk ordering pallet loads of tea. And in the days before tea bags were invented, your poor mother would regularly open the cupboard to find all the tea packets totally savaged with loose tea leaves all over the place.

But more importantly, you were able to collect the necessary twelve football tokens, or side panels, off the tea packet to send off to Typhoo Mission Control, then check the post every day until your photo arrived. Some had rosettes attached in team colours for added garnish.

Minutes later they were filling a blank bit on the bedroom wall or lined up neatly with all the others in the growing gallery.

So, here's a few nostalgic reminders for fans of a certain age. And, yes, I still have my collection.

Just looked down the back of the sofa and found 1/9d.

Off to the Co-op.

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