Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame

An Invitation to the Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame 2000

You couldn't be there?  Don't worry, here's a few pictures to show you what happened.

programme1.jpg - 19kb

famelogotn.jpg - 5kb

   Full review of the evening by Martin O'Boyle

Players' Private Reception

charveytn.jpg - 3kb Colin Harvey dmountfieldtn.jpg - 2kb Derek Mounfield dtempletn.jpg - 2kb Sixties Stars gsharptn.jpg - 2kb Sharp/Watson gwesttn.jpg - 2kb
Gordon West
jhusbandtn.jpg - 2kb Jimmy Husband
Alex Young
famelogo2tn.jpg - 4kb
famelogo2tn.jpg - 4kb
famelogo2tn.jpg - 4kb

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Main Function - Gala Dinner

aking2tn.jpg - 2kb Andy King akingtn.jpg - 2kb Andy King bcollinstn.jpg - 2kb Bobby Collins bracewell1tn.jpg - 2kb Paul Bracewell bracewell3tn.jpg - 2kb
Paul Bracewell
crowd1tn.jpg - 2kb Top Table No2! gsharp1tn.jpg - 2kb
Graeme Sharp
gstevenstn.jpg - 3kb
Gary Stevens
tjonestn.jpg - 2kb
Tommy Jones
toptable1tn.jpg - 3kb
Top Table
waggy1tn.jpg - 2kb Dave Watson waggy2tn.jpg - 2kb
Dave Watson
wfielding2tn.jpg - 2kb
Wally Fielding
wsmithtn.jpg - 2kb
Walter Smith
gwatsontn.jpg - 2kb
Gordon Watson
gwatson2tn.jpg - 2kb Gordon Watson gwatson3tn.jpg - 2kb
Gordon Watson
famelogo2tn.jpg - 4kb
famelogo2tn.jpg - 4kb
famelogo2tn.jpg - 4kb

Video Clips

(on stage at the Hall of Fame)

Z Cars - Entrance of the Stars (poor quality picture - ok its practically black - they had the lights down, but the music, the cheering, the singing along - it's enough!

Alex Young (1.2mb)

Howard Kendall (1.3mb)

Currently down due to lack of space - shortly to be increased and reloaded:

Brian Harris (1.4mb)

Graeme Sharp (1.04mb) Spot script writer Martin O'Boyle to right of stage.

Gary Stevens (800k)

Dave Hickson (150k)

Howard Kendall (80k)

Tommy (T.E.) Jones (120k)

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