Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame

An Invitation to the Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame 2000

You couldn't be there?  Don't worry, here's a few pictures to show you what happened.

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   Full review of the evening by Martin O'Boyle

Players' Private Reception

Alex Young getting harrased by another Golden Vision struck fan.

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Colin Harvey, flanked by Tommy Jackson (left) and Tommy Wright (right)

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Derek Mountfield, flanked by Mike Pejic (left) and Ian Atkins (right)

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Sixties Stars (left to right) Derek Temple, Sandy Brown, Alex Young

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Graeme Sharp and Dave Watson

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Gordon West

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Dr.David France (author & organiser of the Hall Of Fame) (left) and Jimmy Husband (- Fred Pickering is to the rear of the photo wearing glasses)


Main Function - Gala Dinner

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Andy King

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Andy King

bcollins.jpg - 38kb

Bobby Collins

(l-r: Alan Jackson (Radio Merseyside), Bill Kenright, Tommy Jones, Brian Harris, Bobby Collins, Wally Fielding, Dave Hickson)

bracewell.jpg - 38kb

Paul Bracewell

gsharp1.jpg - 46kb

Graeme Sharp on his way to the stage

(Brian Labone and Paul Bracewell standing against the wall applauding)

gwatson.jpg - 36kb

Gordon Watson

gwatson2.jpg - 36kb

Gordon Watson

gwatson3.jpg - 36kb

Gordon Watson

tjones.jpg - 47kb

Tommy (T.E.) Jones

(l-r: Alan Jackson (Radio Merseyside), Bill Kenright, T.E.J., Wally Fielding)

waggy1.jpg - 31kb

Dave Watson

waggy1.jpg - 31kb

Dave Watson

wfielding2.jpg - 32kb

Wally Fielding

wsmith.jpg - 35kb

Walter Smith

toptable1.jpg - 43kb

Top Table

(l-r: Billy Butler, -- , (standing - Mark Jones (M.C.) )Archie Knox, Barry Horne, Walter Smith, Alex Parker, Alex Young)
(Immediately in front of top table, l-r: Alex 'Chico' Scott, Brian Harris, Sandy Brown, Dave Hickson)

crowd1.jpg - 31kb

Top Table No.2 (ie. our table, at the back standing) - my good friend Mike Hughes (Radio Merseyside, holding the bottle looking mean)
and Mark Staniford (Speke from the Harbour - centre, with the sharp haircut).

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