Crewe by Farndon

Men of Crewe by Farndon

Lance Corporal Frank E Moscate (1893-1918) - 4th Battalion Tank Corps

Frank Moscate had an eventful time in his tragically short life. He had risen from a difficult childhood to be a manager of a saddlers business in Liverpool, had been called up in the conscription of 1916, served in the Royal Field Artillery, the Royal Engineers and the Tank Corps, and had make quite a mark on those he had met, worked and served with, not least his fiancée back in Liverpool. Read about his tragic story here.

Private John Shaw - 9th Battalion Cheshire Regiment

Private John Shaw was the son of Walter and Eizabeth Ann Shaw of Crewe Hall in Crewe-by-Farndon. He was formerly enlisted as service no. 2202 Cheshire Yeomanry. Private Shaw died of wounds on 30 July 1917 and was buried in St Sever Cemetery, Rouen in France.


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