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Foxhill House - Grade II listed building

Foxhill House

Grade II listed Georgian Farmhouse constructed late 18th Century.

Foxhill House and the Enclosure Act

The enclosure Act was passed in 1805 and at that time Halewood had a village common, sited at North End. Foxhill House was situated facing the common on which there was a windmill. A full article has been written on this elsewhere on this site (Enclosure of Halewood) , but click here for three maps which all feature Foxhill during this period (the site is numbered 15 on the second map). The common was lost to the people of Halewood and was taken into cultivation to the benefit of the major landowners, Lord Derby and Blackburne of Hale Hall.

Foxhill House 1907

Halewood Common 1990 - the dark coloured field is part of the former common. The windmill site is marked by a lighter mark to the foreground facing a small gate opening. Foxhill House is centre right facing this field.

Foxhill House 2008

Foxhill House 2008 approximately from the site of the windmill

Foxhill House OS map 1980


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