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Current Research

Photographs, Paintings, Sketches

One of the main areas of research is obtaining images. There are very few available for public access in record offices and tend to be the same images reproduced over again. Most no doubt remain in private hands. Can you help? Any scenes of village life would be appreciated - buildings, street scenes, people, events etc. If you can point the way to where useful images may exist that would be helpful too.

Halewood War Memorial

I have relaunched the War Memorial Project pages - much more extensive, for the centenary of the start of the First World War. There is much more to go on the site, such as current research on the biographies of those recorded on the memorial, which will be added in due course. This has also included numerous trips to the battlefields in France and Belgium to help research.

You can view a similar project here: Ellesmere Port War Memorial Project.

The pages are dedicated to the memory of Dave Irving of Halewood who had been researching the men on the war memorial from both wars for two decades. He uncovered a wealth of material including personal accounts, service documents and photographs of those who served and was in constant touch with myself, discussing research and passing on his findings for the site. He is very much missed.

We would be grateful for any information, especially photographs, to help in the research for the men and women recorded on the memorial.

Halewood Graveyard Project

Halewood graveyard has been systematically surveyed and recorded by volunteers co-ordinated by Pam Beesley. This has been a mammoth task and reflects a great deal of hard work. Pam has also produced a guide leaflet and booklet (downloadable copies now available here via the link left) which highlight many of the intruiging internments, such as Sir Thomas Brocklebank (of the Cunard-Brocklebank shipping line) and John Hays Wilson of Lee Park Hall.

Pam has also written articles about the church and the William Morris windows. Click here for the graveyard project - Pam continues to research into the background of some of the Halewood folk interred during the 19th century.


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