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Halewood Village - Then and Now

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Brewery Lane c1912/Court Avenue April 2008


Lowther Villas (right) Wood Lane c1905/Hollies Road April 2008


Hazeldene, Church Road c1950s/ April 2008


St Nicholas Churchyard c1905/ April 2008


Lower Road c1950s/April 2008


Baileys Lane c1950s/April 2008


Baileys Lane c1905/January 2008

Church Road Milkman / Church Road 2008

Church Road Cottages 1949 / Church Road Cottages 2008

Church Road Cottage / Church Road 2008

Derby Arms c1905/ Derby Arms 2008

Post Office 1949 / Off Licence 2008

Derby Arms 1949 / Derby Arms 2008

Lane Ends Post Office c1920 / Lane Ends Off Licence 2008

Eagle and Child c.1949 / Eagle and Child 2008

Church School House c.1905 /Church School House 2008

Court Avenue c.1910 /Court Avenue 2008

St Nicholas Church 1839 /St Nicholas Church 2008

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