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A page to highlight those that have risen above the usual daily routine, if only briefly, before getting on with life as before as if nothing had happened. Or they just might be famous and cant help it. Name in lights, name in print, face on the cover of a book, cutting in the paper, transportation to Australia for crimes against humanity, anything will do.

Maude Royden (1899-1956)

Probably the most famous Royden, who gained worldwide fame as the first campaigner for the ordination of women into the priesthood and a prominent suffragette.

Thomas Royden (1895-1952)

Chairman of Cunard at the height of its operation, Baron of Frankby

John Royden (b.1965)

Channel swimmer, independant business entrepreneur and consultant in the City. John is the eldest son of the present Baronet, Sir Christopher Royden Bt.

Mike Royden (b.1956)

Mike meets the Queen

Mike Royden

also appears occasionally on TV & Radio, and has several books published

Lewis Royden (b.1991)

Lewis Royden, Everton mascot at the Gwladys Street Hall of Fame banquet, March 2001 helping to present prizes to Everton F.C. players past and present.

Lewis Royden Photography

Lewis Royden is now a freelance photographer from Chester, UK. His website showcases some of his work, featuring sports, landscape, portrait and music. He is already building up a reputation around Chester and Liverpool as a recognised photographer and his work has been used in a number of publications.

Liam Royden - Musician

Liam can be seen performing around the Chester and Liverpool in a variety of venues. His band Cosmic Debris reached the final of Chester's Got Talent in 2009 and his latest band, Eastgate, won the competition in 2010! His soul voice belies his young years, and reflects the influence of artists such as Paul Rodgers. His personal website features photographs, live gig information and downloads of recent videos and songs. Contact information is also included.


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