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thosroyden&sons.jpg - 4kb Thomas Royden and Sons, Shipbuilders by Ernest Bland Royden (1953)

A history of the Liverpool shipbuilding yard by Sir Ernest Bland Royden, privately published in 1953. Based on the booklet researched and written by W. Heaton Wakefield (below).
Certain family members have a hardback copy, but they are very rare. John Royden has one, I have a photocopy, and there is a copy for reference only use in Liverpool Record Office. If you know where I can get hold of an original please let me know! The book also contains a comprehensive listing of all vessels built by the yard and what happened to it. Illustrations are mainly reproductions of paintings of Liverpool waterfront scenes in the 19thc and family portraits (originals all in the posession of the faimily members).

threeroydenfamilies.jpg - 2kb Three Roydon Families by John Brownbill (1923)

Partly researched by Sir Ernest Bland Royden, it appears that he called in the services of John Brownbill, compiler of the Victoria County History of Lancashire, to complete his research and to write it up. The book concentrates on three families which have seperate origins and do not appear to be related to each other. They are Roydons of Essex, Cornwall, and Denbigh/Flint/Cheshire. It was privately published by the family and is very rare. Copies are held by Ernest's immediate family and Thomas Royden (now resident in San Diego) was very kind to have a photocopy made and bound up for me. I am extremely grateful for this! There is a reference copy in Liverpool Record Office, and the records section of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints also hold a copy, although I don not know if it is an original or on microfilm. If you have an original you dont want, please let me know!!

maude royden Maude Royden - A Life by Sheila Fletcher (1989)

Maude Royden was the first campaigner for the ordination of women into the priesthood. What is extraordinary is that it began over 90 years ago. A prominent suffragette, she also made her name as a pacifist, especially during the inter-war period. This book charts her remarkable life and career. Maude was a daughter of Sir Thomas Bland Royden of Frankby, Wirral and a descendant of Alexander Royden (see main tree). Although it is now out of print, it is held by many libraries. (If you come across copies for sale in second hand book shops etc. please let me know!).

frankbypage1tn.jpg - 8kb The Roydens of Frankby by Mike Royden (from the Wirral Journal 1986)

Click to read the article.

heaton1.jpg - 4kb A Brief History of Thomas Royden's and Sons, Liverpool 1808-1930 by W. Heaton Wakefield(1931)

A history of the Royden shipyard. Click to read the article. This will take you to John Royden's site, but will open a new window so that you do not leave this page.


Publications by Roydens

politicalmaude.jpg - 2kb Political Christianity by A.Maude Royden (1922)

A discussion of the place of political debate within the Christian world.
Copy held by Mike Royden.

sovereignmaude.jpg - 3kb Women and the Sovereign State by A.Maude Royden (1917)

A discussion on the role of women in the modern world towards the end of the war in 1917. Considering that the franchise was extended in 1918, this book was no doubt very worthy in its time. A useful insight into the issues of the day by one of its leading lights. Copy held by Mike Royden.

3foldchord.jpg - 2kb The Three-Fold Chord by A.Maude Royden (1995)

Maude Royden's most unusual book - an account of her private life, most specifically her life long platonic, but passionate relationship with the preacher Hudson Shaw. A relationship which received the blessing of Hudson Shaw's wife (hence the title), Maude married Shaw after the death of his wife and shortly before his own death at the age of eighty-five.

Other publications by Maude Royden:
The True End of Government
Physical Force and Democracy
The Great Adventure
Women and the Church of England
Towards a Lasting Settlement(part author)

lpoolbk.jpg - 6kb Liverpool, The Book by Bernie Carroll (1989)

Article on the Wirral by Mike Royden in this off-beat guide to the area.

halewood.jpg - 4kb History of Halewood in the 19th Century by Mike Royden (1990)

A history of the township of Halewood, 10 miles to the south of Liverpool. Copies in Liverpool Record Office, Halewood Library and Knowsley Record Office.

pioneers.jpg - 5kb Pioneers and Perseverence - A History of the Royal School for the Blind, Liverpool by Mike Royden (1991)

A book on the history of the oldest Blind School of its kind in the world. The book was published in 1991 to celebrate its bi-centennial. Out of print. Still available in certain bookshops in Liverpool. Held in several local libraries including Liverpool Record Office, plus the RNIB library in London. The Queen has a copy too in the Buckingham Palace library! More on that Here

mill.jpg - 6kb A History of Mill Road Hospital by Mike Royden (1993)

On the formation of the the new NHS Trusts, I was asked to write histories of three of Liverpool's most well known Women's Hospitals, which were due to close to be replaced by the new Liverpool Women's Hospital. Mill Road was the first book which covered its transition from Workhouse Infirmary to post war maternity hospital.

oxfordst.jpg - 6kb Caring for Women and Babies in Liverpool
A History of Liverpool Maternity Hospital and The Women's Hospital, Liverpool
by Mike Royden (1995)

The second of the hospital books - it was decided to combine two into one book, ie. Oxford Street Maternity and The Women's Hospital, Catharine Street.

women.jpg - 3kb 'The Roots of the new Liverpool Women's Hospital: care of women in the first half of the 19th century' by Mike Royden (1999)

Following the April Conference at Liverpool University for the Liverpool Medical History Society, the paper given by the author was published in a specially published journal; 'Wives and Whores in Victorian Liverpool - varieties in attitude towards the medical care for women' (published in the Autumn of 1999 - vol 10).
This article has been published on Mike Royden's Local History Pages. (Click book to read).

poorlaw.jpg - 3kb The Ninteenth Century Poor Law in Liverpool and its Hinterland: Towards the Origins of the Workhouse Infirmary by Mike Royden (1999)

A second conference took place in April 1999 at the Liverpool Medical Institution, run jointly by the Liverpool Medical History Society and the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. The subject of the conference was 'The Poor Law, Workhouses and Public Welfare in Liverpool'. The journal appeared later that year containing the above paper which had been given at the conference by the author.
This article has been published on Mike Royden's Local History Pages. (Click book to read).

rushton1.jpg - 3kb Edward Rushton - life and times of an 18th Century Radical and the foundation of the Blind School in Liverpool by Mike Royden (2001)

Much of this article first appeared as Chapter 2 of Pioneers and Perseverance by Michael Royden (above). It has been revised and updated with additions 2001. An edited form has been commissioned from the author by the editor of the Dictionary of National Biography currently being revised by Oxford Universtity as an entry for Edward Rushton and will appear in that new volume 2001/2. (Dictionary of National Biography entry: Edward Rushton (1756-1814) , poet, co-founder of Blind School, Liverpool).
This article has been published on Mike Royden's Local History Pages. (Click portrait to read).

halsey.jpg - 3kb Real Analysis by Halsey Lawrence Royden

Mathematics Textbook by the Maths professor of Stanford University, USA

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