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Main Royden Tree - Royden One Name Study

Descendants of Alexander Royden of Cheshire c1660

oaktree.gif - 5kb Alexander Royden's descendants

The Main Royden Tree -

This began as a study of my own direct line in the early 1970s, but due to the rarity of the name and its local concentration, it soon developed into a one-name study, recording all of the known descendants of Alexander Royden of Chester in the 1600s (and lines going back much earlier). By the early 1990s, the bulk of the work had been done - well before the advent of the internet, which involved hundreds of trips to record offices and frequent travel to archive centres in London. Much of this is now available at the touch of a button, although the research discipline is largely unchanged.

While the tree was first uploaded here, it was downloaded in its entirety by a 'researcher' who then put the full tree up on his Ancestry pages without my permission, with his name as the contact person, with no reference to myself. This was 20 years worth of research. The tree has now been copied and uploaded many times over on Ancestry by other family historians. Some of the trees have been uploaded incorrectly and are littered with errors, so if you do use the paysites it pays to check anything copied for authenticity. .

My own tree is no longer available on this site.

auroydonne.jpg - 4kb Royden's of Frankby

This is the immediate tree of the Roydens of Frankby: - the descendants of Sir Thomas Bland Royden (included in more depth on the main Royden tree). This is hosted externally on Sir John Royden's site. ( Sir John is the present Baronet).

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