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Farndon has numerous buildings of historical interest and is also a conservation area. There are several buildings of listed status:

Grade I

Farndon-Holt Bridge

A Grade I listed medieval sandstone bridge links Farndon with its Welsh neighbour Holt on the opposite bank of the Dee. Built in 1339 and it was recorded as having ten arches in 1754 and on the fifth of which stood a large gate tower. This tower was demolished to bridge level in the late 18th century and two archs were lost on the Welsh side. Click here for more details.

Grade II

St. Chad's Church

Farndon church is dedicated to St Chad, who died in AD 672. The outline of the present building and the tower date from the 14th century, about the time that the bridge was built over the Dee at Farndon. Click here for more detail.

Barnston Memorial

This memorial is an obelisk, standing on a high point on the Churton Road approach to the village from the Chester. It was erected circa 1858 as a memorial to Roger Barnston Esq. a Lieutenant Colonel in the Crimean War who resided locally at Crewe Hall. Click here for more detail.

Grade II (continued)

Other Buildings

War Memorial

The war memorial was erected in Farndon churchyard in 1922 to commemorate the men of Farndon who lost their lives in the Great War. A further four names were added of those men who were killed in the Second World War. Click here for more details.

Farndon Hall

The hall which is now split into two residences was a school house during the nineteenth century. Click here for more details.

Mile Posts

Victorian Mile Posts


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