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I have been researching and writing about various aspects of History and Local History for the past 30 years. I teach History and also lectured in Local History at the University of Liverpool Centre for Continuing Education for twenty years. Although a resident for almost twenty years, I have visited the area since I was a child and always had a interest in the history of the locality. But then, my family are descended from the 15th-17th century 'Royden's of Isycoed and Holt' (Royden Hall, Sutton, Isycoed - recorded in the History of Holt, by A.N.Palmer), so after a gap of 300 years I feel I have come home to my roots!

Since 1997 I have written several websites which can be accessed via www.roydenhistory.co.uk. As I settled into village life I became more inquisitive about the history of Farndon, but found it difficult to find anything about it. I knew of the very good work carried out by the local history group in the 1970s/80s, but the book they produced is out of print and is hard to get hold of. A search through the internet will bring up a selection of various and unrelated topics, but there was no central point to access the material - so I thought a website might be of use.

This site may evolve into a full history of the area, but that will take time. From the outset it is intended to act more as a portal, a centralisation of material to begin your interest.

Any help to develop the site is most welcome - if you have photographs or images of any aspect of the village and parish I would be very grateful if I could scan them to include on these pages. Would you like to write something? Do you have knowledge about buildings, people or events you could add here?

Is there interest to start a local history society?

What about a village leaflet? Our neighbours in Holt have both!

Contact - email

If you have further information to add about any of the topics you have read about on this website do get in touch.


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