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Medieval Roby - 10th to the 14th Century

Frank Green
Roby and the 18th Century Turnpike

Frank Green
dungtn.jpg - 3kb 'Without the key role played by local refineries in the refining of rock salt it is unlikely that the port of Liverpool would have expanded at the rate it did in the eighteenth century.'

Steven Horton
maybrick To what extent was Florence Maybrick punished due to the moralistic attitudes of the day, rather than the evidence provided during her trial?

Steven Horton
From `Norris Green Manor' in 1660 to `A Unit of Social Life' in 1926

Michael Walsh
Lark Hill Estate: The Heywoods and their Houses

Neville King
What made the development of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway possible?

Neville King
A Troublesome Little River - A discussion of the course of the River Alt and it's effect on the local landscape and communities.

Barbara Harvey
Sefton Park - An Evolution in Urban Park Design

Margaret J. Putt
Embryo of a Port- the early development of the port c.1715

Robert Storrie
Birkenhead Priory

Robert Storrie
The Decline of West Derby following the creation of King John's Borough of Liverpool in 1207

Lyn James
The Effects of the New Poor Law (1834) on Liverpool

Lyn James
bearspawtoday Evidence of a Workhouse in Cronton

Phil McGee
The Decline of the Manor of West Derby and the rise of Liverpool during the medieval period

Norman Blake
The Monastic and Religious Orders in the Hundred of Wirral from the Saxons to the Dissolution of the Monasteries
- a study of the Monastic history and heritage of Wirral

Norman Blake

Everton F.C. Heritage

As a member of EFC Heritage Society, Mike Royden has written several articles about the club's history, including matchday programme articles and the WW1/WW2 Player's Remembrance Booklet.

Articles by Mike Royden

Collected articles and papers researched and written by Mike Royden, mainly covering the Liverpool, Merseyside, S.W.Lancs, and Cheshire area. Includes extended and illustrated versions of shorter published articles.

First World War

Articles relating to the Home Front and battlefield experience, including numerous soldier's biographies from various war memorial projects.

Second World War

Articles relating to the Home Front across Merseyside, Wirral and Chester, including the Blitz, evacuation and other wartime experiences.


History papers submitted on past degree accredited courses at the University of Liverpool Centre for Continuing Education (Tutor: Mike Royden)


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