Freddie Mercury & the Wade Deacon/Halewood Connection
Before Freddie Bulsara hit the big time, he spent some of his early career in Liverpool, where he had hooked up with local band Ibex, which later morphed into Wreckage. He also played at Wade Deacon Grammar School, and stayed in Halewood at the home of lead guitarist Mike Bersin.
The Yacht Inn Tragedy
The story of a family tragedy from 1879 in Watergate Street, Chester
The wreck of the British Admiral
From 'Sailing Ships, Shipwrecks & Suffragists - A History of Thomas Royden & Sons, Shipbuilders of Liverpool', comes this astonishing story of the wreck of the British Admiral, which came to grief on 23 May 1874 with the loss of 79 passengers and crew out of a total of eight-eight on board. But what became of the survivors?.
Did Adolf Hitler visit Liverpool in 1912/13?
Just an urban myth?

(Including what became of the Liverpool Hitlers)
calderstones The Calderstones
garston Monastic Lands - Stanlawe Grange and Garston Hall
halewood The Manor of Halewood:
Moated Sites (I): Old Hutt
cottage The Manor of Halewood:
Moated Sites (II): Lovel's Hall and Yew Tree House
hale Hale Village
otterpool Otterspool
dungeon Salt, The Dungeon and the Rise of Liverpool
castle Liverpool Castle
hospital The Roots of the New Liverpool Women’s Hospital:
Early care of Women in the First Half of the 19th century
workhouse The 19thC Poor Law in Liverpool - Roots of Workhouse Infirmaries
19thC Halewood and the coming of the Railway
rushton1tn.jpg - 2kb Edward Rushton - life and times of an 18th Century Radical and the foundation of the Blind School in Liverpool

Everton F.C. Heritage

As a member of EFC Heritage Society, Mike Royden has written several articles about the club's history, including matchday programme articles and the WW1/WW2 Player's Remembrance Booklet.

Articles by Mike Royden

Collected articles and papers researched and written by Mike Royden, mainly covering the Liverpool, Merseyside, S.W.Lancs, and Cheshire area. Includes extended and illustrated versions of shorter published articles.

First World War

Articles relating to the Home Front and battlefield experience, including numerous soldier's biographies from various war memorial projects.

Second World War

Articles relating to the Home Front across Merseyside, Wirral and Chester, including the Blitz, evacuation and other wartime experiences.


History papers submitted on past degree accredited courses at the University of Liverpool Centre for Continuing Education (Tutor: Mike Royden)


Articles and papers researched and written by various contributors. (If you would like your work to appear here please submit by email. All work gratefully received.)
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